Over the past years, EUMA Kunststofftechnik has machined a vast range of materials and acquired the know-how for this. We have a very complex and broad application-leveraged knowledge of materials which we are happy to call upon in an advisory capacity. We can machine thermoplastics, duroplastics, fluoroplastics, high performance plastics and elastomers just as we can with aluminium and hardwood. The materials used in the main include: Thermoplastics POM-C   POM-C medical grade POM-C ELS   POM-H    • PA 6 PA 6 cast   PA 6 cast with oil    • PA 6.6 PA 6.6 with GF   • PA 12    PA 12 cast PET   • PETG    PC PC with GF   PPE mod.    PPE with GF ABS   • PVC    PVC foamed PVC crystal clear   PVC coloured    PE 300/HD-PE PE 500/HMW-PE   • PE 1000/UHMW-PE    PP PMMA/acrylic glass PMMA div. colours    • PS Duroplastics Hp 2061   Hgw 2082    Hgw 2083 Hgw 2372   Hgw 2372.1    • Hgw 2372.4 Fluoroplastics • PTFE   • PTFE with carbon    • PTFE+graphite • PTFE with GM   • PVDF High performance plastics • PEEK   • PEEK 30% GF    • PEEK mod. • PPSU   • PSU    • PEI • PES   • PAI (Torlon) Elastomers • PUR   • PUR-Vulkollan
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